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Jastram systems and system components are designed for a wide range of boats, all the way from small work boats through to large ice breakers and oil tankers. All components are designed and manufactured specifically for hydraulic marine steering systems. The Model B (brass) and Model S (steel) cylinders are ABS type approved while complete systems have been approved by all of the world’s major classification societies.

A modular approach to steering helps our customers understand each part of a steering system and allow for flexibility in design of new construction or retrofit of older systems. From custom applications, such as independently controlled rudders to proportionally controlled steering, Jastram can offer the complete package or for simpler applications components can be supplied off the shelf.

A whole line of hydraulic steering gears, steering controls and motor starters and alarms are manufactured and include: Model H helm pumps, Model B brass cylinders, Model S cylinders, Model K rapson slide, LC-100 lever controllers, J0-100 jog levers, RAI-300 rudder angle indicators, SCA steering control amplifiers, RFU-1300 rudder feedback units, EW-200 electric wheels, CC0-2300 patented conversion changeover manifold, MSA motor starter and alarms, SP-36 starter panels, TP-36 test panels and AP-66 alarm panels.

NEW to the product line is DIGITAL STEERING which uses logic based on extensive operating, servicing and manufacturing experiences. The new system reduces cabling requirements, installation time and commissioning time while offering flexibility for future upgrades. Its components include DSC-100 digital steering controller, MCP-100 mode control processor, DH-36 digital helm and CP-36 mode selector.


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Setting the Standard in  Marine Steering Excellence

Jastram Engineering designs and manufactures digital and hydraulic steering systems, steering controls and motor starters with alarms for simple manual steering to digitally controlled twin independent with DPS interface. Systems are supplied with high quality components and are carefully matched by design to ensure long life and exceptional performance in all operating conditions.

Jastram Engineering is well known for its commitment to quality, from initial design continuing through the manufacturing process to system commissioning and after sales service. With world wide representation and an in house ability to communicate in twenty-one languages, customers can be assured that any question will be answered quickly. This makes Jastram the perfect choice for new installations, retrofit of existing systems or for replacement of worn out parts.

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